eCommerce Boom

Your eCommerce site is like a salesman that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year! You can sell to the world! Imagine the possibilities here!
Start Selling Online

eCommerce selling has never been so easy and cost effective. All the services you need to get an online store is managed by eCanuks. From buying your domain to making your website to a mobile app to hosting and getting your brand identity, all done under one window.

  • Get you domain today, we will help you with designing a logo.
  • Open your online store, manage it from backend and start selling.
  • Upload products, information, delivery options and do tax calculations, all inclusive in the features.
  • Progress to Mobile Apps, start with Andriod or iOs or have both, we will help you set it up.

Yes, I have a website

Build a signature website and tell the world about your business. It looks professional if the website is there, it represents your vision to the world.

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Visit My Online Store

Setup your online store and communicate it to your potential customers. If your products are competitive, people will start ordering online and you are in business. If you are offering services, sell them online too. Consumers search for services on search browsers and social platforms.

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Website give Credibility

Having a website, give credibility to your business. Consumer coming onto your website can read about you and address questions they have. Addressing questions give credibility and trust and its the first step towards online purchase.

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Moderm eStore results in better sales

If your eStore is of modern design and regularly updated, then consumers get a good feel for it. A modern and regularly update store results in better traffic, eSales and referrals.

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Secure Payment Gateway

Accepting payments online is always tricky, you need SSL certificate, merchant account and so on. eCanuks provides a platform that takes care of all these items. You manage your business and we will manage your online sales.

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Mobile Apps

For eCommerce websites, the natural progression is to have mobile apps. eCanuks enables your website backend manage your mobile apps and it is an adaption to the website you built.

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Getting Started?

Make an online splash with a slick, responsive website built by eCanuks experts.

It’s perfect whether you’re starting out or have a small website that needs updating.

Starting at
CAD 10/month*

*Fee Domain included


Building your online footprint

Give the Online leverage to your business

Build your Website

Build your web presence in 10 minutes with less than CAD, 10/month! It is quick and easy. Get all the services you need to go online from eCanuks. We will help you build your website or eCommerce webstore and help you optimize it too.

Build Traffic onto your Website

Our Search Engine Optimization services will help build traffic onto your site, help you own keywords that will generate business leads and sales.

Be present on Social

Want social presence? Our social team can understand your business objectives and build a social strategy around it. We will manage Facebook, When customers inquire about your products we will send you an alert. You can talk to the customers and convert the lead into sales.

One window Solution

If you are eCanuks customer, then all your needs will be served here. From buying a domain,to designing your logo to building your website to building social platforms to domain services, we do it all here. One window, one business partner for all your online and social needs.

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