Online shopping cart abandonment rate in selected industries in 2018

In 2018, 74.58 percent of online shopping orders were abandoned, i.e. not converted into a purchase. Airlines had the highest cart abandonment rates out of all measured categories with an 87.87 percent abandonment rate.

Online shopping abandonment

Wishful thinking, planning a dream vacation, just checking how expensive the total order is going to be… there are many reasons why consumers put together an order and end up abandoning it. Online travel bookers, in particular, are keen to shop around for deals and wait for the best day to book flights and hotels. Many online travel agencies (OTA) are dedicated to comparing prices, and countless blog entries encourage travellers to book their flights at certain times on specific days to save cash or get better value for money. For digital shoppers in the United States, the primary reason for abandoning an online shopping order is too high shipping costs, followed by discount codes that do not work.

Online order conversions

Despite the significant cart abandonment rates of selected online purchase categories, global online shopping conversion rates have been improving on the whole. In the first half of 2018, total e-commerce conversion increased by five percent year-over-year, with mobile conversions growing by 11.6 percent.

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