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eCanuks element is a cluster of services that you will need when you start and grow your business. Some you need from day 1 and some later
Rest Assure to have your back

Digital management is changing every day, keeping up with it is not possible as you need to do what you are good at, build your business online. eCanuks offers services necessary for starting to building your Online business. Go nowhere

  • Starting your online business, we will help you get your footprint online.
  • Already have a business, want to grow it using an online platform, let us help you here.
  • Looking to encash social networks, we can help you here too.
  • Want to invest and advertise, let us give you optimized solutions.

Getting Started

We will help you in building your business, get a domain, make logos and select the web theme you like.

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Grow your business

If you already have a business, but not leveraging it online, then let us advice you on how to go about it.

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Leverage Social Networking

Are you using social to get leads and sales? If not then let our team manage your social platforms and generate new leads and sales. Consistency is key here.

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Invest in your business

Where to advertise, how to optimize the ads to get the maximum out of ad placements is what our team will hand hold you. This will help in achieving your growth objectives better.

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Secure Payment Gateway

Accepting payments online is always tricky, you need SSL certificate, merchant account and so on. eCanuks provides a platform that takes care of all these items. You manage your business and we will manage your online sales.

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Mobile Apps

For eCommerce websites, the natural progression is to have mobile apps. eCanuks enables your website backend to manage your mobile apps and it is an adaption to the website you built.

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Getting Started?


Make an online splash with a slick, responsive website built by eCanuks experts.

It’s perfect whether you’re starting out or have a small website that needs updating.

Starting at CAD 10/month*

*Fee Domain included


Building your online footprint

Give the Online leverage to your business

Build your Website

Build your web presence in 10 minutes with less than CAD, 10/month! It is quick and easy. Get all the services you need to go online from eCanuks. We will help you build your website or eCommerce webstore and help you optimize it too.

Build Traffic onto your Website

Our Search Engine Optimization services will help build traffic onto your site, help you own keywords that will generate business leads and sales.

Be present on Social

Want social presence? Our social team can understand your business objectives and build a social strategy around it. We will manage Facebook, When customers inquire about your products we will send you an alert. You can talk to the customers and convert the lead into sales.

One window Solution

If you are eCanuks customer, then all your needs will be served here. From buying a domain,to designing your logo to building your website to building social platforms to domain services, we do it all here. One window, one business partner for all your online and social needs.

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