Access over 250M Online Customers

Huge opportunity for Pakistani Retailers to successfully enter the international e-commerce market in North America.

In a conversation with the Chain Stores Association of Pakistan. Pakistan’s biggest retail stores association and advocacy group, we, discussed the why, what and how of adopting an effective and successful Direct to Customer Strategy for North American Markets to their members.

The event, organized by the CAP Chairman Rana Taqir Mahmood and Vice Chairman, Asfandyar Farrukh was facilitated by eCanuks Consultants Chairman Haider Mehdi and CEO Qazi Fakhir Jamil.

The presentation was focused on helping retailers pivot and become successful Global e-commerce Players adopting a successful Omni-Channel Online opportunity.

Key areas of discussion and insight were.

1. The need for a capability and capacity business assessment to develop a business strategy and plan with evidence-based research on product selection, pricing, competitors, sales forecasts and a business P&L.

2. How to establish legal entities in the USA and Canada covering all banking, legal, accounting aspects.

3. Adopting the right channel strategy, identifying online marketplaces, engaging other social media marketplaces with a primary focus on Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc.

4. Developing eCommerce storefronts and executing digital advertising, marketing, sales promotion strategies to acquire customers.

5. Understanding the end to end Supply chain from retailer’s premises in Pakistan to departure port, port of entry, internal transportation in North America, warehousing and where required onwards transportation to Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other marketplaces, end to end customer fulfilment and returned merchandise management.

6. Managing customer relationships, product reviews.

The question was really not retailers should enter but how!

Greatly enjoyed the interaction and looking forward to working together.

Here’s the video recording of the session.

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